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Learn to play the fun way with Playground Entertainment Group, home of Squishy® the talking soccer ball and his fun-loving animated friends.  

Active kids are healthy kids – and Squishy® and his friends the Magic Chalkboard™ & Chalky™, Knuckles™, Splasher™, Dimples™ & Teeter™, Slappy™, Zip & Zap™and Shrill™ know just what to do. With their own spirited and diverse styles, they teach young children how to play their favorite sports like soccer, baseball, swimming, golf and hockey.

Young children will discover how fun and easy sports can be as this playful cast of characters shows them the ropes via DVDs, an interactive website, live events, films, television shows, games and devices, mobile applications, sporting goods and other consumer products.

Playground Entertainment Group, Inc., a visionary global media and consumer products company, is taking aim at childhood obesity by promoting sports participation to children ages 3-7.

Committed to creating multi-platform high-quality content, the company helps kids learn sports skills, develop confidence and embrace lifelong participation.

According to current trend studies and our research:

  • Technology is embraced by kids beginning as young as 3
  • High dropout rate of sports participation occur after the age of 9
  • Skyrocketing obesity among children is reaching alarming proportions

The company is committed to empowering young children to lead healthy and active lives by playing sports.  Teaching kids sports skills establishes a lifelong, “I Can” attitude. This keeps them in the game longer and instills a confidence that leads to ongoing success.  Key partnerships are helping achieving this goal:

The number one distributor of outdoor products and sporting goods in North America Maurice Sporting Goods will drive distribution of Playground Entertainment Group’s consumer products and content throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, and U.S. Military bases abroad. The initial roll out will be the “Soccer for Kids – Getting Started™” kits  which will teach young children ages 3-7 the fundamentals of playing soccer in a fun and safe way.  The kits include kid-friendly instructional Sports for Kids™ DVDs featuring Squishy and friends, soccer balls and accessories.  Check out our resent press release regarding this collaboration.

Through the partnership with Mapa 13, Playground Entertainment Group will be able to help inspire young children in Mexico learn skills and lead healthy lifestyles through exposure to sports through the Sports for Kids™ brand.

The company is interested in aligning with qualified, strategic partners who see the opportunities inherent in Playground Entertainment Group’s innovative approach to helping kids have fun and get active. Please contact us to learn more.